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This page is devoted to my favourite things. It includes items I own and love, products I adore and cannot live without and anything else that I could gush endlessly of.

Cotton Candy Cookie Tin

Isn’t this the cutest cookie tin ever! I have four in my home; the first for my daughters hair accessories, the second I use as a sewing kit and the third for cookies (of course). The fourth is in my cupboard and I thought it might be nice to use as a peg bucket, in the event that I will one day have home with a clothes line – and that’s if I don’t use it for something else in the meantime. At any rate these well made and magical tins are very adaptable and very easy on the eye. Available here if you live in the USA and here if you live in the UK. I got mine at Little White House (Sydney, Australia).

 Leopard Print Roller Skates

These roller skates were bought to my attention by my good friend Tasha and being a roller skating fiend from way back I immediately fell in love with them. It could have alot to do with the leopard skin print – I have been known to wear a little leopard now and then, or the pink wheels – but either way, it doesn’t really matter because they are gorgeous. If you have a hankering to bring back your rollerskating boogie days then visit this site and order some. I am putting them on my birthday list and I know they are on Tasha’s as well.

Taro Gomi Colouring & Drawing Books

Who said colouring in books were for kids? I have spent the last couple of months doodling and colouring my way through this delightful range of Taro Gomi colouring, doodling and drawing books. It’s not like I have huge amounts of spare time but I do have moments in the day when I like to take a break from what I am doing and zone out. These books are every bit as inspirational as they are therapeutical. Squiggles, Doodles, Scibbles are great but Doodle All Year is my favourite and is available here: Doodle All Year

Maggie Beer Icecream

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘an icecream silence’? It was probably a mother that came up with it whilst watching in wonder as her child devoured a bowl of icecream so intently that not a peep was heard till every last lick and scrape was gone. Well, I have recently tasted an icecream that has a similar effect on adults. It’s the Maggie Beer range of icecream – unfortunately only available in Australia at this stage but over time that may change (gosh i hope it does).
So luscious is this icecream that my husband and I made it through two tubs the first night we tried it. On the second night he came home from the deli with only one tub and I howled – much like my two year old when I deny her a treat.
This icecream not only comes in the Burnt Fig Jam, Honeycomb & Caramel but a bevvy of flavours that will entice all taste buds. Some of these include Dark Chocolate & Orange, Lemon & Orange Curd (my favourite) and Vanilla Bean & Elderflower. As far as a transcendent experience goes – this icecream will give you that. Check out for stockists.

Le Creuset Heart Shaped Casserole Dish
  If my kitchen were to burn down this is the one item I would take with me on my jump from the window. Ironically it would probably survive a fire anyway. I cannot tell you how many dinners I have cooked in this dear little pot and it always makes people smile – myself included. I often use it to take chicken soup to an unwell friend – of course the soup is appreciated but presenting it, with love, in a heart shaped pot always makes things so much better. Purchase here:Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 2-Quart Heart Casserole, Red

Milk Pot from Ancient Industries

Who doesn’t love a pink milk pot? I discovered this darling web site many months ago Aside from a beautifully photographed weblog they also sell some real finds, treasures if you will. My favourite is the milk pot, pictured above in blue but I adore the pink version. And for those of you who own a bicycle they also sell the traditional wicker baskets that are attached to your handle bars – great for a trip to the grocery store to buy your apples and milk.

Valrhona Cocoa Powder

I believe Valrhona chocolate to be the best in the world – it’s a pretty big call I know but I have tasted alot of chocolate and Valrhona wins hands down. More recently I discovered they also produce a cocoa powder so I hastened to purchase some and I am thrilled with this as I am with any of their products. This cocoa will definitely put the chocolate into your hot chocolate! Purchase here: Valrhona Cocoa Powder (1 Kilo) by ChefShop

Sunday Morning Designs Pillow Cases


There are two reasons I adore my Sunday Morning pillow cases , the first being the beautiful drawing of the mummy elephant cuddling her baby ( I love elephants) and the second being the baby combed cotton jersey they are made out of – so soft to sleep on. So I don’t know if I go to bed cuddling my pillow because of the fabric or because the picture is so damn cute – either way I go to bed happy. Available with many other sweetly sketched and handmade items at

3 Responses to Brown Paper Packages

  1. Billi says:

    I am so with you on that Maggie Beer Burnt Fig Icecream!! can you get it over there?

    • Michelle says:

      Nope and I get very distraught when I think about it. They have some great ice cream over here but it’s not quite the same. It’s one of those things I go to buy as soon as I get off the plane.

  2. Mailie says:

    Ahh the heart shape Le Creuset! I still think of you everytime I see one. xxxx

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