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There is not much to this recipe – not much at all. In fact you cannot really call it a recipe, it’s more of a combination of ingredients with wonderful flavors that marry perfectly and bring out the best in each other – just like a marriage should. Either way, they make many delicious mouthfuls.

I wish I could say that I came up with this little selection of flavors myself but I didn’t. I was served it last Summer, on a yacht that was moored off Sag Harbour on Long Island. I know, it all sounds very decadent – well, it was. And lot of Rose went into that particular afternoon too.

This little number is perfect as a casual starter or part of an alfresco tapas style meal – it even holds its own, when all you feel like is something very simple and simply sensational.

So here goes;

Procuitto (very thinly sliced)

Wash mint and arrange on your platter, alongside the slices of proscuitto.

Slice haloumi to 1/4 inch or 5mm thick. Grill on a very hot barbecue or on your stove top in a heavy based skillet (no oil required). Ensure you get them nice and crispy.

Place on platter and eat together (mint + prosuitto + haloumi).

Source: Sophie and Peter Herzig

Notes: This recipe is not worth trying unless you have access to excellent proscuitto and haloumi. I find the Aphrodite haloumi is great and believe it or not, the cheapest place to purchase it in Sydney is Simon Johnson in Woollahra (Australia).

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